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We work with corporations to provide development projects that include a variety of input assessments, executive coaching, consulting and group workshops. We specialize in enhancing leadership and team potential, focusing on the following areas:
• Leadership and management skills
• Team dynamics and team development
• Cooperation and communication improvement
• Stress management
• Conflict management
The projects we create may include:
Assessment - To adapt projects to the clients' needs to the greatest extent, we use different assessment tests within them, which give us an insight into the personality of the project participants, their behavior and work preferences.
Group workshops - The group workshop program is created based on the participants' needs and involves a combination of different methodological approaches. What all group workshops have in common is that they consist of a series of interactive activities where participants are introduced to different models and tools that can help them achieve their desired change.
Individual sessions - These sessions are based on a coaching approach whereby the coach and client, each in their role, work together in agreed improvement areas. The coach's role during individual sessions is to set the structure of work and support the client in defining their development steps and their implementation.
Consulting - The need for strategic partnerships between HR and business is becoming more recognized among numerous companies, and as a result, the HR decisions and strategies are becoming more complex. Consulting is an integral part of our activities and thanks to it we can support the HR department in retaining a strategic role in the company.
During project creation and implementation, we apply 360 Assessment, PCM Methodology, Erickson Coaching, OLI Integrative Coaching, and Hogan Assessments.

PCM (Process Communication Model®)

PCM methodology provides insight into an in-depth personality structure, as well as specific behavioral guidance that can help us improve our self-awareness, manage ourselves, and improve our relationships with others. PCM methodology was used at NASA to test astronaut candidates for space programs. This methodology can also be applied in health, politics, education, and it has been applied in a corporate environment for decades. The PCM methodology involves a client completing the assessment that is later used for generating a report with information on the structure of the client's personality and provides insight into what the client's communication preferences; what motivates them, what their personality strengths are, as well as the possible improvement areas.

Erickson College

Erickson College's approach can be described as extremely practical, focused on the solution and the action steps a client can take. The Erickson College methodology offers many practical tools that can be utilized to provide our clients with faster insights on how to be efficient in achieving their goals.

O.L.I Integrative coaching

O.L.I method is an integrative coaching approach with a basic psychodynamic orientation. It is theoretically based on knowledge in psychoanalytic psychology that allows us to work on psychodynamic topics during development projects. By applying this methodology, clients are given the opportunity to gain insight into the unconscious patterns and mechanisms that sometimes prevent us from achieving our goals.


Hogan personality analysis tests allow us to observe the client's personality from different angles and to predict certain behaviors and performances. Using these tests in the development projects gives us insight into a person's core values, personal identity, what motivates them and what they strive for.

360 Assessment

Using this assessment we get comprehensive feedback on the client's behavior. In most cases, this evaluation involves co-workers, members of the team as well as their supervisor, while some projects may involve external associates who are in frequent contact with the person whose behavior is being evaluated.